The squirrel man of Dufferin Grove

I met a lovely man called Kelly down at Dufferin Grove today. He said he’s friends with the squirrels, well one in particular, who he’s been feeding for two years!

That was one fat squirrel.



High Park in the sun

Me and Ernest Hemingway

It’s uncanny, but it’s true, my life and that of Ernest Hemingway are inexplicably linked.

I lived in Key West for almost two years in the early 2000s and worked right around the corner from his house, with it’s three-toed cats. No big deal really.

But then when I went to Key West just last year on a (kind of) press trip, I ended up staying in the Southernmost House, where Hemingway was known to spend a night or two, and not only that, but in room 107, the Hemingway Room.

Again nothing entirely unusual. Or is it?

Because then, I moved to Toronto and am now, by the grace of God (Hemingway?) working for the Toronto Star, who the man himself worked for in the 1920s.

Now all I need to do is write a couple of best-selling novels based on my journalistic endeavours and the parallels are complete.

Any excuse to post a couple of Key West pics.

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Botanical gardens and salt flats, Tofino

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The weird and wonderful Botanical Gardens, and the eerie salt flats, both in Tofino, Vancouver Island.
Taken on at dusk on a damp dreary evening, which added to the atmosphere of the whacky gardens, featuring skulls, a tortured man and an abandoned camper van.
The gardens, 12 acres in all, lead down to the desolate salt flats where wolves have been hanging out, but we didn’t manage to see any. Might not be a bad thing given they attacked and killed a dog belonging to the people who run the gardens….not good.

Banff, Alberta: Grizzly mother and three cubs

Spotted a grizzly and three cubs in Banff, Alberta. We were driving down by the Vermillion lakes area and they were cruising along in the bushes. Watched them through the trees for about ten minutes before they walked out on onto the road right in front of us! It was getting dark at this stage so the photo’s are pretty dark and grainy, but you get the idea. Needless to say they were all taken from the safety of the car. Would not like to get between a grizzly ma and her cubs!!

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