Canadian Rockies part II

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The first half of the slideshow shows the views from the Norquay lookout, Banff, and from the Vermillion lakes area just before sunset.

The second half of the slideshow shows Lake Louise in June – the lake is still partially frozen and it was pretty cold up there with icy snow still on many of the trails. The glacier-fed lake is a teal color when viewed from above!


The last stand of the big horned sheep

On a lonely mountain road in the Canadian Rockies, somewhere near Jasper, this big horned sheep brought traffic to a standstill, oblivious to cars and even huge trucks as he licked the lichens on the road.¬†¬†Apparently, they will risk their lives to get to this lichen, what ever it is, and they lick it till their gums wear down raw….nice!

(No animals were hurt for the purpose of this blog)