Banff, Alberta: Grizzly mother and three cubs

Spotted a grizzly and three cubs in Banff, Alberta. We were driving down by the Vermillion lakes area and they were cruising along in the bushes. Watched them through the trees for about ten minutes before they walked out on onto the road right in front of us! It was getting dark at this stage so the photo’s are pretty dark and grainy, but you get the idea. Needless to say they were all taken from the safety of the car. Would not like to get between a grizzly ma and her cubs!!

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Another black bear…

Spotted this guy the other day in Jasper, from the safety of the car of course….

Bear blog: black bears spotted on Canada’s Pacific Rim coast

Went bear watching on Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim coast at Tofino yesterday. Here are some shots which show the bears as they forage for food on the rocky beaches. There is a mother with two young cubs, and another mother with a “yearling” who she will be leaving soon so he can make his own way in the world. Also featured is a solitary bear who was spotted chomping on some grass.

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